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How to Solve a Re:Punzle

To solve a Re:Punzle, you must fill in the  blank space  with a word that satisfies the statement's numerous puns. Not sure where to start? Take a look at the step-by-step example for our recommended method for tackling these tricky pun puzzles.

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skittishly reveal 365.png

Step 1

Read the statement. Is there an obvious answer? Sometimes the missing word is so precise you might naturally fill in the blank without a second thought!

skittishly reveal 365.png

Step 2

Pick a key adjective and look it up in the thesaurus:

anxious full.png
skittishly reveal 365.png

Step 3

Then scan the synonyms and see if any fit with the theme of the Re:Punzle

anxious full.png
skittishly reveal 365.png

Step 4

Add an "-ly" to turn the word into an adverb.... and BOOM-chaka-laka! You solved a Re:Punzle! 

skittishly reveal 365.png

Helpful Tip 

Often the synonyms only address specific syllables of the Swifty so take them in order

adamantly reveal 27.png

Be on the lookout...

While most Re:Punzles end in an adverb, this may not always be the case. Some swifty answers are "IPS," or "In Plain Sight." We'll give you a heads up when this is the case, just know that these answers are embedded right in the riddle - you'll have to look closely with a keen eye for puns! 

Lastly, don't get discouraged! 

Some of these Re:Punzles are so ridiculous we can’t even solve them ourselves. 

....yep, you read that right. There are numerous Re:Punzles that we simply have no idea how to solve. We call them "Stumpies," maybe you can help us out:


  • "Tom, given that you have a strained knee, I am going to continue to harp on you to wear a brace," Taylor said _____.

  • "Private Mot, use your brain and count all the men lined up for roll," the Sarge said _____.

  • "Tom, I had a premonition that you kicked your annoying sighing habit," Taylor said _____.

  • "Lee, you are hereby officially a member of our club," Tom said _____.

  • "I decided to pick my courses at college based on my gut feeling about what sounds good," Mot said _____.

  • "I consider my classes to be tangible building blocks of my career and selected them accordingly," Taylor replied _____.

  • "As an ear, nose, and throat doctor, I tend to dote on the neck so I'd like to tell you about the importance of having a good chiropractor as an ally," Taylor said _____.

  • "For the Governor's Gala, I've selected the Sea Food Tower, the Promenade, and Dove Bars," Taylor said _____.

  • "I'm really mad there's no bar and grill in this town," Mot said _____.

  • "Tom, I commend your superb wisdom of severely underinflating the tires for our trip up the rocky road," Taylor said ______.

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