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Meet: The Swift Family

tom portrait.png


       It all starts with Tom. Born in 1910 with the immortal phrase "'We must hurry,' said Tom Swiftly" and yet not looking a day over 30, Tom is our hero, our icon, and is out to prove that word riddles don't play second fiddle.

mot portrait.png


       Mot is the bad boy of word puzzles. He is the anti-Tom; Mot and Tom are like Spy Vs. Spy or any other pair of battling brothers.  If you don't like his puns, watch out for his guns!

taylor portrait.png


       Hey Tom and Mot, don't hate, hate, hate because Taylor Swifty is the antidote to your bad blood. Furthermore, she doesn't smell as bad as those pun-gents.

lee portrait.png


       When engaging with the world's most powerful and profound adverbs, Lee plays an essential and inseparable role. But you never know exactly which Lee you'll get; will it be insightful-Lee, curious-Lee, or even excruciating-Lee?

url portrait.png

Url "Earl"

       Quick with tech support, an eye roll, and a boomer joke, Url is our millennial mainstay. His 21st-century word-play demonstrates that these Dad Jokes aren't just for old folks.

julius portrait.png

Julius Ceasar 

       When it came to the mightiest puns of all-time, Julius came, saw, and conquered. His word-play is exclusively in Latin, proving that the classic language isn't dead; it's just Roman around.

Also Featured:

  • Tom's gecko Twitch

  • Mot's dog Mutt

  • Taylor's cat Kity Purry

  • Lee's bird Chick Jagger

  • Url's fish Swim Shady

  • Caesar's lobster Leonardo da Pinci

  • Frank the disgruntled hot dog

  • Various emotive letters of the alphabet


And there are special guest stars aplenty, be they sitcom stars, literary figures, politicians, rock legends, or anyone else that is simply punderful!

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